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Cultural Community Resource Program

The Cultural Community Resources Program provides increased access to culture based programs and service delivery to urban indigenous children, youth and families. This program is specifically targeted to improve and foster a strong sense of wellbeing and a positive indigenous identity.

· Act as a cultural resource and support as required.


· Promote healing and reconciliation for urban Indigenous children, youth and families.


· Facilitate talking, teaching and healing circles, with a priority to services and supports for Indigenous children, youth and families.


· Provide wrap-around services and a strengths-based action plan for each individual direct-service user.


· Promote awareness and ensure access to the program through a variety of outreach efforts and promotional activities.


· Acquire, maintain and care for education tools/resources on traditional knowledge with an emphasis on medicines and food teachings.


· Coordinate land-based activities, language restoration, and traditional arts and crafting.


· Create and maintain a trusted traditional knowledge/ Elder resource directory with the goal of connecting with Elders and/or traditional resource people to conduct ceremonies as appropriate to the geographic areas and customs.


· Support the planning of traditional dancing, singing, drumming, community and/or seasonal celebrations/feasts, traditional and social events, plus an elder and youth knowledge exchange.


· Work with Friendship Centre staff in support of the development of culture-based work plans.

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