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With 26 local service delivery sites across the province, Apatisiwin is the largest network of employment and training services for urban Indigenous people in Ontario. Apatisiwin's Employment Counsellors provide community-based and one-to-one supports and resources, and can assist clients to access a range of training, education and skills development opportunities. Career Developers work in a number of communities to create new job opportunities, engage with small and medium sized businesses, and community partners, and work to match potential employers with people looking for in-demand jobs and careers. Whether it means going back to school, help to prepare résumés, cover letters, practicing for interviews, on-the-job training, or assistance with the costs of living while clients improve their skills toward a career path, an Apatisiwin Employment Counsellor is available to help.  Funded through Service Canada and the Aboriginal Skills Employment and Training Strategy, Apatisiwin resources can support Employment Insurance recipients, unemployed, underemployed and youth clients

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