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7th Fire Alternative Education Program

7th Fire Alternative Education Program is a Midland Secondary School Program in partnership with the host and the Georgian bay Native Friendship Centre. This program was started some 12 years ago by a few indigenous Community leaders and the Simcoe County district School Board. The goal of the program is to support First Nation, Metis and inuit students learning with a focus on more culturally specific educational needs. The program was named after the 7th Fire prophecy's, with the 7th prophecy which states that the youth of the people will gain strength, and they will learn the ways of their lost culture, language and beliefs.  Along with a high school education and earning OSSD credits, 7th Fire offers cultural teachings, tradition, nutritional snacks and culturally and educationally relevant field trips. The students of 7th fire have the use of a traditional classroom, supplies, modern technology and access to the Friendship centre's staff and services. 

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